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Every so often we come across a vehicle that we can repair and then gift it to a family or someone in need within our community, and we are asking for your help to nominate someone you know that this could help. After the deadline, we will then go through them and narrow it down to one family or person who needs it most.

Please use your discretion on the type of situation you are nominating so we can get this vehicle to someone that it will mean the world to! Not a second or third vehicle to someone doesn't need it.

The deadline for 2023 was November 22nd, 2023

Wee will update once we have another vehicle to gift!

Things to Consider:

  • The individual or family must live full-time within Lincoln County, WY, between Alpine - Afton

  • Is it someone that has a vehicle but needs some repairs to get it going? then please refer to our page here for nominating someone needing a repair.

  • Does the family only have 1 vehicle and needs a second but can't afford one? Great!

  • Did someone lose their only vehicle and isn't able to afford a replacement but needs one to get to work? Great!

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