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Customer Supplied Parts Policy

When Auto Service Elevated staff does your repair and supplies all parts, we can have you back on the road soon, and you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that you have safe, dependable transportation, and the entire repair, including all the parts and labor, will be backed up with our full 2 year, 24,000 mile warranty. 

If a part were to fail while it’s under warranty, we’re responsible for removing it, paying a tech to determine why it failed so it doesn’t happen again, buying a replacement part and having it delivered to us, and then installing it.

And when you think about it, this is the way it should be, and it’s why we have so many loyal customers that send their friends to us. It’s our job to solve problems, and then stand behind our solutions.

On the other hand, if we install a part that wasn’t one of ours, then WE WOULDN'T BE RESPONIBLE FOR IT, OR ANYTHING THAT MAY OCCUR IF IT WERE TO FAIL.

Any work performed with customer supplied parts carries no warranty or guarantee on any parts, labor or services.       

2 year, 24 thousand mile warranty applies to all repairs where Auto Service Elevated supplies all parts and services.    

Warranty does not cover collateral damages from parts failure or failure to bring vehicle into shop in a prudent manner.

Installation of customer supplied parts.


If a business installs a customer supplied part, they wouldn’t be responsible for it, or anything that may occur if it were to fail, which leaves the customer out to dry if the part does fail and then they need to pay for the job a second time because they didn’t have a warranty through the shop. It doesn’t matter if the consumer purchased the part from a new car dealer, online, or a parts warehouse etc.


If a shop installs a part that they did not supply and that part fails, the shop won't do the job a second time for free and the parts warehouse won't pay for the labor for the shop to redo the job. They sold the part to the customer and will only replace said defective part.


In a perfect world, no parts would ever fail no matter where they came from. Unfortunately, this is not the case. If a part is installed and that part fails, the customer will have a poor experience with all parties involved. That customer will then share their experiences with friends, family, social media and online review sites. Businesses work very hard to build their reputations by providing good customer service experiences…


If a technician has a car torn apart and the part is the incorrect part than the efficiency of that job is lost until the correct part is delivered. If the customer has to have the car back that day but the parts supplier the customer bought the part from can’t deliver the part until the next day, then the customer is going to pay the labor of the technician for taking it apart and putting it back together even though no new part was installed and pay a second time to have the correct part installed.


This is always a sensitive subject but it needs to be addressed. In order for a business to remain in business and provide the latest needed tool, equipment, warranties for shop supplied parts as well as training for the modern complex vehicles and provide competitive compensation for talented technicians they need to make a profit. For most auto repair shops 50% of their revenue comes from the gross profit generated by the sale of parts. Labor alone is not enough to cover the expenses.

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